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Synthio Chemicals, Inc

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Process intensification for chemical synthesis

Headquartered in in Broomfield, Colorado, Synthio provides materials and design services to customers worldwide. Our firm specializes in the application of process intensification techniques to industrial-scale synthesis of fine and specialty chemicals. Whether you are seeking competitive advantages through new process development, working to stave off competition from China and India, or seeking to improve the safety of your hazardous production processes, Synthio's technology can make your business more competitive. We bring extensive experience and professionalism to every project and customize our support to your individual needs and concerns.

Our principals have decades of experience, in fields from energy storage to fuel cells, energetic materials, polymers and fluorinated pharmaceutical intermediates. We have built systems with production rates of tens of tons per year, integrated full process trains with alkylation, metathesis, separation, purification and drying into refrigerator-sized automated systems, and delivered tremendous value to our customers and clients.

Synthio Chemicals is the sole U.S. manufacturer of a number of critical chemicals used in specialty industrial, aerospace and defense applications, and prides itself on our skill, quality and responsiveness in meeting the needs of the U.S. armed forces. Our proprietary continuous-flow production platform enables Synthio to rapidly and safely produce chemicals that other firms find challenging or impossible to make cost-effectively at scale.

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Focus Areas

Process Intensification

Still doing chemistry like a 14th-century alchemist?  Batch processes, many steps, low yields and excess waste? Our 21st-century solutions enable us to access new process conditions not possible in conventional reactors. These processes cost less to implement and operate, scale more easily, produce product with superior quality, and pose fewer hazards than conventional batch reactors. 

Custom precursors

Synthio Chemicals currently produces a number of custom precursors on a custom basis for aerospace and defense customers. Proprietary continuous-flow synthesis equipment is designed for specific products, and is capable of handling concentrated acids, highly toxic feeds, and highly exothermic, fast reactions. This capability enables Synthio to provide domestic production and scaleup of unique materials, including building blocks for high-nitrogen energetic materials, energetic polymers and specialty monomers for 3-D printing. 

Energetic Materials

Synthio Chemicals staff and facilities are licensed to handle energetic materials at the R&D scale. Using novel microstructured reactors and process conditions not accessible in batch reactors, Synthio can produce kilograms of novel energetic materials as part of development and demonstration programs. Our unique capabilities can shave years off of development timelines, dramatically shortening the path from concept to deployment. Partnerships with other firms provide a seamless path to large-scale production for promising new materials. Synthio’s expertise spans energetic binders, plasticizers with both azide and nitro functionality.

On-site production

Process intensification can dramatically shrink the size of synthesis trains, enabling hazardous chemicals to be synthesized on-site, often from refrigerator-sized reactors. By eliminating the need to store hazardous or unstable chemicals, on-site production-on-demand can radically reduce both cost and risk.  

DiCarboxylic acids and derivatives

Dicarboxylic acids have unique properties that make them attractive building blocks for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Low toxicity, fast biodegradability and tunable hydrophilicity are among their unique properties. Synthio's continuous selective oxidation technology yields dicarboxylic acids like 3,6-dioxaoctanedioc acid (DOODA) at breakthrough cost/purity ratios. 

Highly energetic reactions

Our founders started their careers designing cooling systems for nuclear fusion reactors.  Fast, highly energetic reactions subject to runaway are our bread-and-butter. With novel heat exchanger/reactors fabricated in-house, our production systems can operate happily (and safely) well into regimes that would be explosive in conventional equipment.


Process intensification
is a strategy for making dramatic reductions
in the size of a chemical plant so as to
reach a given production objective
— C. Ramshaw


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